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Quadrant QED Posts, 2010

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The King's Speech
December 29, 2010
It’s quite superb, and easily one of the best movies made in the last ten years, and it richly deserves to win everything thrown at it.

Megamind megareview
December 26, 2010
I chortled right through my first viewing of it, and then made my nephew (already goggle-eyed from Tron: Legacy in the cinema next door) come and see it while I sat through it a second time.

Christmas DVDs: Philippa Martyr
December 18, 2010
I’d forgotten what a superb film it is; a once-in-a-lifetime combination of tension, laziness, comedy and righteous indignation. Just the thing for long warm evenings and mint juleps.

BOMB alert!
November 29, 2010
Don’t be fooled by the trailer: you’ve actually just seen all the best bits of the movie, and at a thrilling pace. If you decide to see the movie, you have to sit through the other eighty minutes of it. You will regret this. 

Facebook face-off
November 5, 2010
I’ve just been reading Andrew Marr on the pimply, unhappy and very drunk males who – in his view – make up the blogging community. What I didn’t realize was that this was how Facebook was invented.

Film: The Other Guys
September 28, 2010
The only disappointment is Ray Stevenson as the purportedly Australian tough guy-cum-bad guy with an accent that ranges uneasily between the Thames Estuary and Johannesburg.

September 6, 2010
It’s a good old-fashioned Cold War movie but updated to include a planned nuclear attack on Mecca and Tehran (just to spice up Armageddon a little).

Inception deception
August 24, 2010
Leonardo di Caprio is basically your everyday married man with a terrible past involving violence, bodies of water, knives, an unstable wife, his innocent young children, a great deal of guilt, and some major psychiatric problems.

Third thoughts on porn culture
August 19, 2010
I am inclined to think that this newfound morality stems not from having little ones sitting next to you on the couch during Video Hits. Rather, I think it’s coming from a collective music-biz envy of (the admittedly repellent) Lady GaGa’s astonishing mega-multi-media empire, which is currently coining money out of every orifice.

The Waiting City
August 6, 2010
Philippa Martyr has discovered an Australian film worth watching.

Chop Phooey
July 15, 2010
Having not seen the original Karate Kid, I was willing to give this remake a try. I now actually want to see the original movie, because apparently it looks like Shakespeare compared to this one.

A-Team Mental Competency Test
June 29, 2010
Herewith my personally-developed brief psychometric evaluation tool which you can use to assess whether you are capable of enjoying this film.

Animal Kingdom
June 16, 2010
There is nothing PC about this movie; there is no chai-latte inner-city angst or posing. It’s just a really hard but really good film, and a moral one.

The Men Who Stare at Goats
March 22, 2010
It doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and this too is a pleasant change from movies which have stupid plots and mediocre acting but take themselves very seriously indeed (cf Avatar).

Offending Nowra, defending Greer
March 2, 2010
It only took Greer twenty years to work out what it’s taken Louis Nowra forty years, which proves conclusively that women are at least twice as smart as men.

Bombs, Away
March 1, 2010
There is a staggering gulf between Western good intentions, albeit ham-fisted, and a local world view of fatalism, neglect and corruption which has pervaded an entire region for centuries. The Hurt Locker manages to show this without a single word of pontification.

Marianne et moi
by Ainu Campbell-Barracks
January 31, 2010
Marianne Faithfull is the most amazing woman. I was backstage at the Sydney Festival, of course, catching up with old friends, and I am just so at home in that milieu, so I thought I’d pop along and see if she was anywhere about.

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